Canyoning in Nepal

1 Day

Canyoning is extreme water adventure in Nepal. This thrilling adventure gives body and mind experience of adventure. Canoeing also includes hiking, wading, boulder hopping, rock climbing, sliding, jumping, swimming, abseiling and climbing down waterfalls through canyon walls to deep pools. This adventure is experienced with reliable equipment and safety activities.

Canyoning can be of various level regarding the skill and interest of the adventurer. Simply canoeing to technically difficult adventures are assisted by expert guides. Canoeing is water adventure which provides full time adventure in water. Only 20% of the total time is out of water while canoeing. The spots of canoeing are simply challenging rivers therefore canoeing gears and other technologies are quality determined.


<strong>Canyoning</strong> is extreme <strong>water adventure in Nepal</strong>. This thrilling adventure gives body and mind experience of adventure.

Day 1 :

<p>We use our own explored beautiful waterfalls for canyoning. Dependning on waterlevel we have different locations. The approch to the falls are through small trails up the hills, through fields and forrest and into the gorge, through the jungle… And then, all off a sudden there is a series of beautiful waterfalls. Hook on to the ropes and go off the edge! We jump and slide the smaller falls and absail with rope and harness down the bigger ones. A real thrill and cool adventure – hang on a vertical cliff with water splashing on your head.</p>


  • Hut or tented accommodation,lunch,breakfasts,dinners, complimentary coffee, tea.
  • Activities with professional instructors.


  • Travel insurance, emergency evacuation.
  • Personal expenses.

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Canyoning in Nepal
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