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Home to majestic Mt. Everest, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, and one of few countries in the world never to have been colonized, this breathtaking country covers diverse landscapes from the Himalayan Mountains in the north to the flat expansive plains in the south. Deep gorges, towering mountains, vibrant culture and charismatic people – Nepal is the ideal destination for adventurers and culture vultures

Adventurous Sports

The country has huge range of potentiality to offer various adventure sports to enjoy travelers its real rewards. Simply holiday travelers can combine some short adventure activities like paragliding, bungy jump, mountain biking, scenic ultra light flight or rock climbing as optional course to make their holiday more enjoyable. Kathmandu and Pokhara valley have various possibilities for different activities except your major activity like trekking and climbing so you may ask us to assist to customize some other adventures which are ideally vary your interests.

Cultural Tours

Each part of Nepal, from East to West, or North to South, has its own cultural setting. Tradition, religion, belief, language, social organization and people are the important aspects of culture in Nepal. Sacred pilgrimage sites, historical monuments and memorials reflect richness of Nepalese culture. As our professional multilingual guides take you on cultural tours in Nepal, you will gain invaluable insight into Nepali lifestyles. Interacting directly with ethnic communities will add excitement to your holiday and rejuvenate you spiritually. Experience the cultural delights of Nepal with us depending on your time availability – within a day to over a week. We also organize photography tours and helicopter tours as new alternate ways to explore Nepal.

Best Cultural Tours in Nepal

Day Tours

Day tours Nepal, Nepal is one of the best countries in the world for a cultural and historical sightseeing day tour with its long history, fascinating art and distinctive and varied architecture,Nepalese people are renowned for the welcome and hospitality they offer to visitors and it is often this experience that people remember more than any other. This half day and full day tour provide its visitors an opportunity to observe many rich Nepalese cultural traditions, a unique cultural world, and history. Our day tours are catering to the short time travelers who wanted to see the country best city places listed in the world heritage sites. Our guide will pick up and drop you at your hotels.

Helicopter Tours

Helicopter Tours in Nepal is getting most popular day by day and the best alternative means of adventure journey in mountains to know every hidden valley of Nepal Himalayas. It is specially designed for those people who have dreams to explore different places but unable to fulfill it due to lack of time. It is also for those people whose physical condition of a body does not support the trail and who don’t like to scroll up and down in the difficult Himalayan trails. Helicopter tour allows lots wonders of Himalayan, it is also considered as a most scenic flight and safe one of course. You can also choose this packages for the honeymoon as well to explore remote destinations of that region in short period of time.

Jungle Safari

Nepal has nine National Parks, four Wildlife Reserves and three Conservation Areas. About 15,000 square kilometers. The Terai lowlands are defined by a belt of well-watered floodplains stretching from the Indian border northward to the first slopes of the Bhabhar and the Siwalik Range. This is the richest habitat in the land with tall grasslands interspersed with riverine and hardwood Sal Forest.

The geography of Nepal can be divided into mountains, hills and plains. A wide variety of the earth’s topography and climate zones are found within the small area of 147,181 square kilometers. Wide range of ecosystems, from subtropical jungles of the Tarai to the arctic conditions of Himalayan highlands, is found in Nepal. Nepal’s rich bio-diversity makes it one of the best ecotourism destinations in the whole world. Almost 19 percent of the country’s total land accounts for its sixteen protected wildlife areas across the country.

Luxury Tour

We have many different types of Luxurious Tours to be arranged based on the requirements of tourists. Luxurious tour in Nepal is very comfortable, suitable especially for honeymoon, old couple, lovers and family.

Nepal Trekking

Nepal Trekking gives you the lifetime experience of natural beauty. Anyone with an average degree of fitness and the spirit of adventure will enjoy the thrill of trekking in Nepal except some high altitudes. One can walk along the trails, which are easy to follow and have been used by the local inhabitants for centuries or also you can explore less used tracks as a discovery. You will get a chance to witness the social and cultural side of Nepal. Even the people in Nepal are kind-hearted and friendly. It is easy and quick to learn about things in a friendly environment.

Zen Adventure Holidays is proud to share our country, its nature & century-old cultures, and many years of experience in this field with you and give you an excellent opportunity to explore our beautiful Nepal. Exploring the exotic variety of culture and scenery is what brings people repeatedly back to Nepal. We are providing the services to the customer since 2006 and further. We welcome you to join our professional team for the best trekking adventure in Nepal.

Major Trekking Program in Himalayas

Peak Climbing

With Eight of the world’s 14 peaks over 8000m, hundreds of white Himalayan peaks, Nepal has been the focus of some of the most outstanding achievements in the world of mountaineering. There are some 501 peaks in Nepal open for mountaineering. Government of Nepal is also planning to open the rest new and restricted trekking areas and virgin peaks for climbing. Due to this, many trekkers and climbers are being excited to visit Nepal. There are 33 small and less technical peaks which are permitted to giving license to Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) for climbing and other peaks are permitted from ministry of tourism. Some peaks in west Nepal are free to climb as well. You may find the information about peaks for expedition in Nepal from following charts. We provide our services to climb the entire permitted peak in Nepal as well we can give you instant itinerary of each peaks upon request.

Whitewater Adventure

Nepal is blessed with some of the wildest and most spectacular rivers in the world. The combination of beautiful mountain scenery, exhilarating white water rapids, warm water, and fascinating cultural opportunities make Nepal one of the premier places to go white water rafting. Eco Trek offers fun and exciting rafting trips on the best rivers in Nepal. The best time for rafting in Nepal is usually September to early December and March to June. This is when the weather is best and the water is the warmest.